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Forced Labor Issues With Solar Panel Manufacturing

Welcome to The Solar Energy Channel where you’ll get an honest inside look at all things solar. In this video, we’re going to discuss how child and forced labor practices in a western province in China are impacting the solar industry.

I’m Warren – And I’m Larry, and don’t forget to like and subscribe so that you’ll receive notifications for future videos, just like this. – So Larry, in this video, we’re talking about a specific province in China, western province that’s known to have child and forced labor practices.

And unfortunately that’s where a lot of solar components come from or the silicon at least. – That’s correct Warren. It’s affecting really the entire world, in the solar industry particularly the US, China and all countries for that matter because it affects where a lot of the raw materials come from for solar modules.

So what is exactly is happening Larry? I know that the US customs and border patrol put out this withholding release order a few months ago, in June of this year, what does that mean? And how is that impacting solar panels coming into the country? – Correct, yes.

So what’s happening there is customs is holding a lot of solar modules at the border, nearly all of the solar modules that are trying to make their way into the country, are being held at the border, until manufacturers can produce a documentation that their raw materials don’t come from that province in China.

So this is just a confluence of delays that we’re seeing with solar panels. First it started with COVID and all the manufacturing delays that came with that. Then we had the delays in shipments getting it across the oceans to the United States.

And on top of all of this, their solar panels are now being delayed in customs. – That’s correct, yes. So there’s a lot of delays that we’re seeing right now with our product. And I just wanna be clear that here at Paradise, we stand with customs border patrol, we’re against the child labor and the forced labor.

Unfortunately it affects a lot of what we do, in a lot of our product. – So in summary, we’re just talking about a specific region in China that is responsible for the majority of the production of silicon across the globe.

And unfortunately, those silicon based solar panels are being held at US customs ports around the country. At paradise energy solutions, we’re in full support of this withholding release order. We do not support forced or child labor.

And so we’re just hopeful that the United States customs and border patrol will be able to put process in place that allows them to identify the origin of the silicon, so we can get panels from other regions of the world, into the United States sooner rather than later.

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