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Good vs. Bad Solar Installations

Okay, well, everybody’s looking for a good solar system installation, but there are a few core components and the actual work on your house on your roof is really just one of them. So what makes up a good installation? It is the entire package.

First, we’re going to look at your system design. Not all solar energy systems are the same. We’ve got to look at product selection, make sure the product we’re using is right for what we’re trying to achieve at your place.

Then we’re looking at planning. We’re going to look at planning and make sure that where we’re putting solar panels on your roof and where we’re putting the equipment is really the right location. One size doesn’t fit all.

The physical installation then comes along. We’re going to work on your home after we’ve planned it so our team know exactly what they’re going to achieve on site. Commissioning is really important. As we move through this process, we’re going to make sure what we’ve installed is working and then we’re going to hand over the solar system to you so that you understand exactly what you had installed and how it’s going to work.

Then we move to day two, quality checks are really important. We’ll do those remotely and sometimes we’ll come to site and do quality checks but importantly we’re going to make sure the system has been set up the way we intended it to be designed and then we’re going to look at performance monitoring.

All of our solar pv systems we’re watching to make sure the output of the system matches what we sold you and then after we moved forward, support and problem resolution is really important. We’ve got to make sure that if there’s a problem in your site it’s resolved quickly and you know what’s going on.

So please talk to us about the entire package. We’ll give you a great installation. We’re going to help you understand what’s going to work right for you. It could be the best 10 minutes of your solar power journey.

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SolarEdge vs. Enphase Inverters: Which Solar Inverter Is Better?

Welcome to the Solar Energy Channel, where you’ll get an honest inside look at all things solar. In this video, we’re gonna talk about the differences between SolarEdge inverters and Enphase micro inverters.

I’m Warren. – And I’m Larry. And don’t forget to like, and subscribe so that you’ll receive notifications for future videos just like this. – So Larry, why don’t you break it down for us.

What’s the difference between the two inverters? – So these inverters have some similarities. They both have the built-in rapid shutdown, shade mitigation features. However, the primary difference is that, Enphase will produce AC power on your rooftop, whereas SolarEdge will put DC power down to the inverter on the side of your house, and then produce AC from there.

All right, so Larry, what’s the benefit of going with Enphase? – There’s two main benefits that I can think of with Enphase, one is their 25 year warranty. And then the second one is that all your inverters are up on the roof.

So you don’t have that inverter on the side of your house. – Which can be a challenge as well. It’s a benefit in terms of space, but if you’re coming to do work and repair work, you’ve got to get up on the roof and remove panels in order to get to the inverter.

That’s true. So on the maintenance side, while both of these inverters are high quality inverters, we’ve had a lot of experience with both. If you replace a SolarEdge inverter on the side of your house, that’s much easier than going up on the roof replacing the microinverter.

And then what are some of the benefits of going with SolarEdge and optimizers? – So some of the benefits of SolarEdge, first of all cost, they tend to be a little bit cheaper than Enphase. They also integrate quite well with batteries and with EV chargers and with some other technologies that SolarEdge is working on and coming out with.

What about the warranties of SolarEdge? – Yes, so I mentioned Enphase has the 25 year warranty. SolarEdge comes with a 12 year on the inverter, 25 year on the optimizer. That can be extended to 25 on the inverter if you pay some additional.

One of the benefits of SolarEdge’s warranty is that they do pay a labor reimbursement to whoever comes out to replace parts for a longer period of time than what Enphase does. So that is an added benefit for the SolarEdge system – Great.

You know I struggled with this decision myself when I put solar on my roof. I ended up deciding to go with Enphase for the 25 year warranty, but they’re both great options. So in summary, both SolarEdge and Enphase inverters are great options that will both give you more panel level monitoring.

They both can have up to 25 year warranties. You might pay a little more for that on the SolarEdge, but the SolarEdge is a less expensive option that really provides you all of the benefits that you get with Enphase.

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The Advantage of Using One Contractor for Solar, Roofing & Battery Storage

People will do a renovation and spend all this money on the inside of their house and forget about the roof. It’s really the shield for your home and should be treated that way. Most people don’t realize that a roof is more than just shingles.

It’s a fully integrated system From the underlayment starter to the shingle, to the ridge, to the ventilation, when you add solar to that, it’s also an energy Producing system, since rooftop, solar and roofing are so integrated.

It just makes sense to have them both installed by the sink on earth. The quality of the solar panels, the reputation that I read about online, that made us decide on going with Semper Solaris when I found out that Semper Solaris was owned by a veteran and Also employed a number of veterans.

You know being a veteran myself. That was really significant for me. I think to understand that this is a company that has some good values and is reaching out to try and help of some of our service men being in the military.

You have that sense of integrity instilled into you when you put that into a business. It makes it much better for the customer, because, if there’s a problem that happens, they take care of you. If anything goes wrong.

They’ll get right on it right away. I’ve been tremendously happy with the rooftop solar system that we received through Semper Solaris from a technology standpoint. You know, solar batteries are definitely you know the newest and greatest thing.

It allows you to produce the power when you want it; store the energy at your leisure. Most batteries provide you with the option of doing a backup power, meaning that if the grid goes out, you’ll have batteries and you’ll have power, while they do exact, not only that your warranty’s you’re talking about 25 year warranty solar system.

If your warranty on your roof having those start at the same time, We’re the same person has installed that for you or the same company, you know where to go to if there’s a problem, It’s the ultimate peace of mind.

What kind of set Semper Solaris? Apart from a lot of other contractors? We are a Platinum Contractor of Owens Corning, who makes the best shingle in the industry. There are 500 Platinum’s in the in the whole country.

That puts us in a pretty selective contract. They have such faith in us. They are gonna back our workmanship, our installation for 50 years. All those things are so important to protecting you and the biggest investment that you have, which is your home.

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