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TOP 7 BEST Solar Panels 2022

With thousands of solar panel manufacturers around the world, it can be tough and confusing to pick the best solar panels for your home. Don’t worry, though, because in this video we’ve put together a list of the 7 best solar panels for home use in 2022, since no 2 homes are completely the same, we categorize the list to highlight which of these top-rated choices would be ideal to meet your needs, to further help you decide the right solar panel for your home.

We will share with you the key qualities for each model, such as the size, weight, energy output, efficiency and warranty program for more information and the updated prices of the solar panel systems check out the links in the description box below now.

Let’s get into the top 7 best solar panels for your home. First off, we have the best budget solar panel, let’s begin with the best solar panel for those with a limited budget, the astronergy chsm 6612m365 compared to other models within the same price range.

This 365 watt solar panel with a silver anodized aluminum frame, offers the most value for money without breaking the bank, astronergy uses perc cell technology and its monocrystalline module consists of 72 cells.

The solar panel has a pretty solid, build weighing about 48 pounds or 106 kilos. In terms of efficiency, expect it to be somewhere between 17.7 percent to 18.9 percent, one of the great things about astroneergy, a brand that belongs to one of the biggest electronic manufacturers in china, is the 12-year product warranty in comparison.

The affordable models from other companies tend to have 10-year product warranties. Only for the performance warranty, the company guarantees their product to retain its efficiency after 25 years of usage.

Moreover, astronergy has partnered with australia’s clean energy regulator in 2019. This means that their products undergo strict quality validation before being released in the market next would be the best us-made solar panel in the u.s. Some homeowners believe that locally made solar panels are more affordable than imported ones because of the taxes and import fees involved. The thing is, the price gaps between the local and imported solar panels have been shrinking in the past few years.

What sets support the american based manufacturers, however, is their accessibility. They produce and assemble the solar panels and factories within North America. So you can easily order a unit and have it delivered immediately in case you need to have the solar panel repaired or replaced the processing time tends to be shorter too.

So if you’re looking for the best North American made solar panel, that is price competitive, we suggest the Helene 320 black mono perk. The company itself is in Ontario Canada, but it has some factories in the us too.

This model features a 60 cell monocrystalline panel. The power rating for the solar panel is 320 watts, with an efficiency rating of 19.26 for the degradation state. Helene states that it’s negative 0.7 percent per year, as you can see, even though clean is priced a little bit more than astronergy. It makes up for it with a higher efficiency rating of its solar panels. For the customer’s peace of mind, the company also offers a 10-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty and now for the best premium solar panel.

What if budget is not an issue for you in case you fall into this category. The best premium solar panel on the market this year is the lg solar, 375 q1c v5. For years, lg solar panels have been considered by experts and consumers as the top of the line.

This specific model has a 60 cell mono crystalline black panel and a power rating of 375 watts. It weighs almost 40 pounds or 18 kilos with physical dimensions that are a lot more compact than most of the lower priced models, which typically have 72 cell panels.

According to lg, the efficiency of the solar panel is 21.7 and their performance warranty is set at 90.8 percent after 25 years of usage, given that the industry standard is somewhere around 80, only for the same period, you’re truly getting your money’s worth with this model, and Now, for the most efficient solar panel, despite the premium specs of a recommended lg solar panel, it still isn’t the most efficient model in the market.

Today, with the advancements in cell technology, some new releases have crossed the 22 mark for efficiency if you’re after the most efficient model. The best solar panel for you is the sun power sbr max 3 400 or better known as the maxeon 3., with a 104 mono crystalline panel and a 400 watt power rating. It promises to convert a lot more solar energy into electricity using less space compared to other models. Your long-term savings will also be maximized, since its module efficiency is rated at 22.6 to 22.8 percent, similar to lg sunpower offers a 25 year warranty period for both the product and the performance. The degradation per year is also quite low. So, by the time you reach the end of the warranty, the retained power output of the sun solar panel will still be 90 or even higher and now for the best mid-range solar panel, looking for something in between the affordable and premium solar panels.

At the moment, the best mid-range option is the Panasonic hit n300, though it has less power than the most expensive n340 model from the same manufacturer. This 300 watt solar panel makes up for it with its efficiency rating of 19.5 percent. For the first year of use, the n300 will have a performance degradation of around 3 percent. This doesn’t mean it has a poor system, though, because the degradation rate will drop to 0.5 percent for each succeeding year.

Furthermore, panasonic offers a 25-year performance warranty for this model and now for the best portable solar panel. The solar panels aren’t just for the typical home settings. If you live in an rv or a boat home, you can power things up with the use of compact solar panels for mobile applications.

Like these, we highly recommend the sol go: xg flex 115 sx. The team behind salgo consists of former sunpower employees who dealt with specialty products. That’s why the design for this portable solar panel makes it quite easy to install the materials used for its construction.

Are waterproof lightweight and can be bent up to 30 degrees weighing only 4.8 pounds or 2.2 kilos? The 115 watt class has a high power density that would likely meet the electrical requirements of your rv or boathouse, since it is designed for non-typical living conditions.

The 5-year power warranty has no salt water exclusion and, last but not least, the sturdiest solar panel. If you live somewhere with strong winds, though, we believe that the Peimar sm325m solar panel is the best pick for you in case you’re not familiar with this brand Peimar is an Italian company that focuses on manufacturing, solar panels with high efficiency.

The majority of their products feature sleek black cells and panels. What makes the sm-3325m ideal for rough weather is its maximum wind load at 5,400 pascals. The capacity of the solar panel to withstand windy conditions is more than twice the majority of mid-range models.

The Peimar solar panel has a 325 watt mono crystalline panel and an efficiency of about 19.5 percent. Another reason to pick this model is the extended warranty periods that the company offers to its customers.

The product warranty lasts for 20 years, while the performance warranty is up to 30 years, while it’s important to consider your budget and the specs of the solar panel models, you must also think about the return on investment going for affordable options will reduce your upfront expenses.

If you pick the ones we’ve recommended in this video, then you can expect great performance and stellar customer service from the manufacturers. However, compared to the premium models, the degradation rates of the cheaper solar panels tend to be significantly faster.

Typically, the chance of technical or performance issues occurring would surge up after five to eight years of usage in comparison. Solar panels on the higher end of the market would prove their value in the long run by the 10th year of operation.

Premium models would likely be generating 10 percent more power each year than the more affordable options. So what do you think of our suggestions for the 7 best solar panels for home use? Did you find one that matches your needs comment below and let us know your favorites on the list or if you have other recommendations to share with your fellow homeowners, if you enjoyed this video, make sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell to get Updated when we release more videos, just like this one, thanks again for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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