How To Properly Size A PV Solar Energy System

Welcome to The Solar Energy Channel, where you’ll get an honest inside look, at all things solar. In this video, we’re gonna talk about how Paradise Energy Solutions determines the size of your solar energy system.

I’m Warren. – And I’m Larry, and don’t forget to like, and subscribe so that you’ll receive notifications for future videos, just like this. So Warren, when the sales team goes out to a customer’s house, what are they looking for? What information do they gather? – Yeah, great question Larry, so the first thing we do is we go to the location, and we’ll take several pictures.

We’ll take a picture of the transformer so we know where it is and what size it is, we’ll take a picture of where the solar’s gonna go, whether that’s out in the field or on the roof, we’ll take a picture of the customer’s utility meter, as well as your electric panels so we know what breaker sizes they have or server size they have there.

And then finally, we’ll get a copy of their electric bill. And we do an analysis to see how much energy they use in a one-year period. And then we take all of that information, and we send it over to our design team for them to design the system.

Let’s talk about that Larry, what do you guys do once you receive all the information from the sales team? – Yeah, good question Warren. So we take that information. Our first goal is to try to cover a 100% of the customer’s electricity usage.

That’s what we focus on. That’s what most of our customers want to see. We look at things like weather, tilt and orientation of the roof, shading, soiling, those kinds of things that will cut down the production of the system.

And then of course we look at the size and space that’s available for the solar project, and we fit as many panels as we can on that space, and try to get as close to a 100% as we can within reason. And then of course there’s other potential restrictions like the transformer size, the service size, some of those kinds of things that we’ll look at as well towards the end of the design process.

So it’s not as simple as thinking if I use 1,000 kilowatt hours a month, I’m gonna need 12,000 kilowatt hours a year, so I need a 12 KW system, it doesn’t work like that? – It doesn’t quite work that way no.

Typically the system is a little bit smaller than your total overall usage. And our goal is to piece that all together into a reasonable, good looking system that covers your electric usage. – So in summary, our sales team will come out, they’ll do an analysis onsite, gather all the information they need to hand over to our design team, who will then account for all of the other variables, such as shading, soiling, and space, so that we can design a solar electric system that’s designed to cover as much of your electricity as possible.

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