Beware of This Solar Scam [with tips on how to avoid solar scams]

Today we’re going to discuss solar scams that you should be aware of and how you can protect yourself from them. – I’m Charles. – And I’m Warren, and please be sure to subscribe and like this video, so you’ll get notified of future releases of videos just like this. – One of the most popular scams that we see is that solar is free.

– Yeah, we see that all the time on the internet, the government’s just giving away solar panels, click here. – Yep, your state is giving out free solar panels. And what they’re doing is they want you to click on that, and give your information to them because that information is valuable and they resell that.

– Absolutely, and so let’s be clear from the get-go, solar systems cost money, the solar panels cost money, the development, the design, the wires, everything that goes into solar is expensive, somebody’s paying for it.

– That’s right, so don’t be misled in thinking that you should not be paying for solar. Any great investment with a great return is gonna require an upfront sacrifice of money. – Absolutely, so when you see those misleading ads, that solar is free, just know that the people behind that, or the companies behind that are looking to capture your information so that they can sell it to solar installers or other providers out there.

– Yeah. And it should be said, most of those advertisements are not specifically from solar companies. – Correct? – They are again, just trying to collect information that they can resell. – So Charles, let’s talk about some ways that people can prevent themselves from falling victim to some of these scams.

– Yeah, so your research, read their reviews, check their website. Look what other people are saying about that company. Is their positive reviews? Are they having a great experience? Are they delivering on their promises? Or are they over promising and under delivering? Which is gonna be an underwhelming experience for someone.

– Yeah, you know, any company that has a happy and a satisfied customer base, will gladly share that information with you. They’ll want you to talk to them. So if you’re struggling to get that information out of a company, it’s probably a red flag that you should move on.

– Yep, ask lots of questions. Don’t be forced into something quickly. If they want you to sign today to get the best deal, that’s probably not the right company to do business with. A deal today should also be a deal tomorrow.

Now there are some situations where maybe solar panels, they have special pricing, but as a whole, ask questions, think on it, ask other people, take your time so that you are really comfortable when you do make that decision to go solar.

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