North American Electric Reliability Council Report Warns of Elevated Risk of Blackouts

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has just released its 2022-2023 Winter Reliability Assessment Report.

At highest risk of winter blackouts are Texas, North Carolina, New England and the Great Lakes region. The 43 page report concluded that a “large portion” of the U.S. power grid could be subject to insufficient electricity supplies in times of peak winter demand.

Some analysts point to climate change as the primary culprit, while others attribute the potential electrical supply shortfall to bottlenecks and restrictions on fuel supplies.

Regardless of the exact cause, most analysts agree that the elevated risk of blackouts is a matter of serious concern.

Experts warn that solving the complexities of the power grid will take years, not months.

The risk of going without power for a period of time is just one of several very powerful motivators that is driving the surge of demand for home solar panel installations.

You can download the 43 page NERC report here.

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