Two New Warnings Of Potential Power Cuts This Winter

Warnings of potential power cuts/outages by utilities and governments around the world are becoming more frequent – to the point where hardly a day goes by without a new warning being issued somewhere.

Here in the United States, we are not immune to potential brownouts and blackouts due to inadequate supply.

Just today, the New York Times published a story titled, “Advice for Europeans: Bundle Up and Get Ready for Outages.”

Liz Alderman, reporting from France, starts the story by bluntly stating:

“Life in some European cities may soon look like this: Staggered electricity outages to save energy.” 

New York Times, Dec 5, 2022

She went on to warn:

“governments are starting to brace people for the possibility of controlled power cuts in the event that energy supplies are stretched — with a wide-ranging impact on daily life.”

And just a few days ago, Xavier Piechaczyk,  the head of grid operator RTE in France, warned that:

“France could face the risk of power cuts this winter when electricity supply may not be enough to meet demand”, Dec 1, 2022

Here at Pine State Solar, we passionately wish that the trends of skyrocketing electricity prices and power from the grid becoming increasingly unreliable were not happening. But we are realists and acknowledge that those trends are, indeed, occurring.

The solution to both soaring electricity rates and the supply of grid power becoming more sporadic is to install a solar panel system with battery backup at your home or business.

We’re here to help. Give us a call for all your solar power needs.

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